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Wedding & Reception

Whether or not you are intending a medium to big scale wedding celebration, Tuanis gives you with an totally one-of-a-kind wedding experience! To the point that, you have your wedding as well as reception will certainly be something you keep in mind forever.

If you’re looking for a adaptive, elegant, sleek wedding party, Tuanis Events Center is perfect for you.

Tuanis has a vivid wall paint with adequate lights for the stage of your special day. Its best for your professional photographer able to record all the essential moments. If there isn’t sufficient illumination, you can ask us for added equipment for rent individually.

We offer a coordinator committed to your wedding event. This can be useful for knowing the ins and outs of your venue, particularly if a person requires something promptly or for vendors that have concerns that you won’t have to take care of. Be mindful that a venue planner is not your wedding planner.

In terms of Vendor restrictions, although we have actually “preferred” listing of vendors. We are open vendor venue. Meaning, you can pick any vendor you choose. We may provide you a checklist of highly recommended vendors yet will permit you to make your selection. There will most likely be some requirements, such as that the food caterer or various other suppliers have proper licensing and responsibility insurance coverage, however aside from that the selection is up to you.

We are very exclusive, the venue is all yours the whole day. You can do anything you like on our venue in a extremely affordable rate.

Wedding Venue

Ceremony & Reception

Birthday Venue

Party and Celebration

Birthday Celebration

The Tuanis Event Center is just one of the most sought for your birthday event due to its distinct and adaptable spaces with particular facilities.

Every birthday marks a new milestone for you or to your youngster. This makes them precious occasions that should have party. Whether it’s their first birthday, turning into a teen, or sweet 16, planning a big birthday party with Tuanis Event Center is your best option that your visitors will certainly like.

Tuanis is the venue that is as special as the person you are celebrating. It is an excellent place on every aspect which absolutely satisfies your celebration needs.

Although much of your child’s pals will live in the same location as you, depending upon their age as well as the number of friends and family members you invite, it can be difficult to locate a place like Tuanis that is convenient to reach for everyone.

Seeking an event venue in or around Dayton that is quickly accessible from your home and also most people attending? Tuanis Event Center is always available for you.

Besides all of that, Tuanis has adequate parking lot on-site and even a few respectable lodgings close by for those who may prefer to stay over and drive home in the morning.

Corporate Events

Organizing a seminar throughout a working day, or an after-work corporate dinner or party, then our locations couldn’t be more convenient.

Regardless of the type or size of your event, the venue is a main item of the planning puzzle. Your venue will certainly influence your participants’ experience and house all of the other details of your event. Your venue has to be practical, cost-efficient, aesthetically pleasing and also accessible. Now, if you are seeking a seminar, networking, charity ball, or any other business event venue near Dayton area, then let me present you the Tuanis Event Center.

Tuanis Event Center is perfect area for all of those details mention above. It is a distraction-free area with no phones calling as well as equipment swirling around. A place offers an appealing environment where every person attending can simply take a break. Providing that opportunity won’t just make your corporate event more effective, either. Your employees will certainly return to work rejuvenated with renewed morale. That implies boosted productivity.

Tuanis Event Center offers all the needed equipments for an effective corporate event in a beautiful location. We have adaptable place with a number of services suit a massive variety of event.

If you’re eager in reserving Tuanis Event Center, fill in our contact form online or call us. We’ll supply you the ideal venue for your next corporate event.

Corporate Event

Conference, Seminar, Parties, etc.

Other Parties

Bridal Showers, Engagement, Prom, Filming, etc.

Other Occasions & Parties

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, Prom Venue, Filmings and much more. Mention it and you can have it.

At any events, it’s always a terrific feeling to bring people together over food and drinks. Managing an occasion can be baffling in theory, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. Tuanis Event Center is right here to assist you with holding special occasions that your attendees will like!

The secret to an enjoyable and remarkable event is to hold it in a distinctive event venue. Tuanis is a versatile venue which most appropriate to every event, offering you a comfortable and also pleasant environment for your invitees. It has easy access to public transport, hotels, and other accommodations.

Tuanis can provide you with a listing of authorized vendors for catering as well as various other services that are extremely trustworthy. Whether you’re are in need of performers or bartenders, Tuanis can provide you the referrals.

All set to throw your next private event? Don’t hesitate to contact Tuanis for a special event location that presents a sophisticated as well as inviting environment to your precious occasions.

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